Yo, Lauren Where You Been?

Lauren, girl, where you been?

 Yo’ Lauren where you been girl?

What’s going on with Biscuits & Honey.com?

You been writing?

Ahhhhhhh, Lauren so many questions. Questions that I’ve been avoiding. The truth is, TOO MUCH has been going on that Lauren had to put Biscuits & Honey on the back burner for a while. I will admit, this feels amazing! Posting on Biscuits and Honey again is really a breath of fresh air. I have been swamped in planning something to launch, trying to figure out how/if to continue with Biscuits and Honey- all while working and going to school full time. Whew, writing then reading that last sentence sounded like a lot, but hey I ASKED FOR THIS. Since the last post in July 2016(YIKES), I moved from Brooklyn, NY to Washington, D.C to attend Howard University School of Divinity, for a  Masters of Divinity Degree.

I hope y’all not shocked, lol! Since I was 10, I’ve been running from my calling- a call I never really understood, however, looking back I can see clearly that my call is teaching the heart and soul of people. I always wanted to teach but my God has finally placed me in a space in which I can do so with no constraints. I’m where my intention for self, love, and creativity can flourish.  And now that I find myself in an interfaith academic environment I’m evolving more than I imagined I could.

I know yall thinking, “Oh, you want to preach” call it what you want, but I want to enlighten people! Point. blank. period and I believe the best way to do that is to understand people’s faith and how they choose to view the world.

I’ll be sharing some news soon, so bare with me and stay connected.

Let me know what you look forward to seeing on Biscuits-n-Honey.com



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