Biscuits & Honey is a blog aimed at inspiring and manifesting positivity in the lives of readers. Biscuits & Honey offers posts and propositions that will, hopefully, help readers to focus on their own lives and not the lives of a neighbor, enemy, or celebrity. I’m a young lady in her 20’s, still trying to figure out LIFE- as most women my age are, but for me, it’s been one hell of a struggle. I’ve decided to write for more reasons than one: I’ve always been better at expressing myself through writing; I feel so much better when I write; I always have something of substance and filling to share {Biscuits}, and I ALWAYS[A L W A Y S] deliver it to you in the most natural and raw, yet sweet form{Honey}.


As for the name of the blog, MY LOVE FOR [BISCUITS & HONEY]is the only CERTAIN thing in life, and I’m sure I’ll never stop loving the two. Biscuits historically were used for long sea journeys; they were the most filling food that withstood voyages, as for honey, see Proverbs 16:24 for its purpose with this blog.

The topics that will grace this blog will not be infused with the latest celeb juice, or the hottest trends in fashion; I think we have enough of that floating around on blogs– don’t you? No shade to the blogs that do have such content [as I visit them frequently], BUT this here blog will focus more on connections, culture, reflections, and inspiration from my journey!


I hope you’re ready for some{BISCUITS & HONEY}.



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