The System and Your Silence: Why Are You Here?

 For the white supremacy, hidden agendas and the rest of yall too!

I have tried to be considerate of who you are and your purpose in oulbr communities, but quite frankly you are no longer welcomed. Let’s just be real here: this is very much a race ISSUE! And please do not take my words as a generalization of all police men and women- I’ll leave that to you, for that has not been the case for African Americans. All we have are facts! It’s a fact that millions of black men are missing from society due to systems of petty incarceration and police brutality; it’s a fact that justice is not awarded fairly to black victims and their families; it’s a fact that there is noticeably less mention of a innocent black life that was taken compared to the life of a gorilla. The silence is equal to being ok with the oppression of human beings who built the country so many white supremacist are trying to make “Great Again.”

It’s injustice! And your silence speaks volume!

Nothing I write will bring back the innocent lives that have been carelessly and unjustly stolen by the hands of law enforcement or white supremacist. Like the heart heavy Christians at Mother Emanuel AME Church who welcomed in a white supremacist and were gunned down as a result of it, yet he was captured and nicely escorted to the police car in a bulletproof vest. While Alton Sterling, a man who was making a living humbly selling CDs was gunned down at point-blank range. Alton, a black man dies and Dylan Roof a white man, who is clearly a major threat to society had the chance to walk away. It is a FACT that the lives of black men and women are not valued and are treated inhumanly compared to white lives in this country.

Comparsion of treatment and vaule of white and black lives.

Trust me, African Americans are the blood, sweat and tears of this country and we have fought too many similar battles to stand silent in a terrorized state, because of a systematic approach to remove so many black, able, loving, passionate, professional, family men who are thriving the best way they can. We do not benefit from hefty handouts and quite frankly never ask for much from our society except justice, however you look at it, all races must acknowledge the systems that this country has built to shut the black race out, and if you choose not to you are the oppressor, and so I ask, why immerse yourself in a community you intentionally do not plan to properly protect and serve?







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