In the Midst of an Evil Tragedy: What Does A Believer Say About God?

What does a believer say about God in the midst of an evil tragedy?

On the evening of Monday, October 2nd, I gathered with my classmates as I always do at 7:10 pm to engage in Systematic Theology aka “God Talk.” We had all awaken to the news earlier in the day about the tragedy that had happened in Las Vegas, NV Sunday evening. At the start of class, our professor made a simple comment that snowballed into a vast discourse as the night went on. He stated “evil is real” and indeed it is.

My professor’s inquiry left me pondering. How does believers of God whether Christian, Muslim or any other faith subscriber describe God when tragedy strikes?  As a believer myself, I had to question, what could or would I logically say about God in the face of this sudden adversity? Our faith is more comfortable to talk about when the God who is omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient is in the midst of blessings and healing, but what do we say about the presence of God when suffering falls upon innocent souls through the ways of evil?

It has taken me five days to wrap my mind around an answer for this question of God in the wake of the evil tragedy that took the lives of 59 and injured 500 in Las Vegas this past weekend.


However, I’m inspirited to give my best theological answer today in response to this weeks tragedy, so here it is: God lost to the free will of a soul who preferred the operation of evil over the love and direction of God.

God is still in the business of healing and is with us in the midst of the evilness experienced. So, as believers, we must understand our God who also suffered in the manifestation of Jesus Christ.

I would encourage any believer to take time to find a way to answer this question for yourself.  Who is God in the face of evil suffering?


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  1. Before God created the universe the Bible tells us about the struggle between good and evil. This struggle is inherent within all mankind.each of us were given freedom of choice upon creation by God. The soul /spirit of mankind is fed by the reading and hearing of God’s word. The less we partake in reading God’s word ,hearing His word and developing a Christ like relationship with His Son Jesus Christ ;the more stronghold evil has to rule our soul’s and Spirit . Without that Spiritual connection we become lost to satan .

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