While We Wait: A 7 Day Devotional

A 7-day Devotional for the Single Woman on Valentine’s Day

So, I wrote a devotional! I literally woke up one morning and started writing and the more I wrote the more I pumped myself up to share with my peers, friends, and audience. I’m usually private so this is a really bold step for me. I’m super excited to share and have you all go along for the journey!

While We Wait is a 7-day devotional written from my own annoyance with love. It was a healing method for me so I think the icing on the cake would to be to share it, for my own strength and my sisters who are in the world also feeling some kind of way about love. From today, February 7th until February 14th, I encourage you all to dive into this healing devotional. Let me know your thoughts and join our Biscuits-n-Honey FB group to be apart of the community. Join FB Group!

You can find the devotional While We Wait here





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