#SELFCARESaturday | 3 Ways I Practice Self-Love Through Self-Care.

practicing self-love-through-self-care


When we talk about self-care we are talking about self-love. Self-love is often communicated as  “putting yourself first”, but what does that mean? What does that look like? How do I care for myself outside of eating healthy and bathing?  As a young lady on my own journey, I have decided to be intentional on how I LOVE ME. Through countless hours of reading, spending time alone, and conversing with friends, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are many ways one can love her/his self. It boils down to 6 key factors (we’ll talk about the rest later), but today we are talking about self-care!

Self-Care is the foundation for any work that we do, and in order to sustain our minds, bodies, and souls we should engage in self-care regimens that rejuvenate us either daily, nightly, or weekly. Given the sometimes negative and draining society we live in, it’s important to put aside time to restore ourselves. In order to be the people needed for the spaces and lives, we occupy “ME TIME” is an essential part of life, yet so hard to make practical. That stops today! Recently, I’ve been doing something which I’ve coined #SelfCareSaturdays. Every Saturday I dedicate 2 hours to myself indulging in self-care activities that restore my mind, body, and soul. It has only been two months and by doing this I’ve noticed a great increase in attentiveness regarding “my happy” and how I can maintain it.


Listed below are 3 activities that have now turned into rituals for me and my hope is that by sharing my 3- YOU’LL be able to pinpoint yours and practically shower yourself in the care and love you deserve!

Continue reading to find out 3 ways I practice self-love through self-care.

Positive Music:

I listen to uplifting, movement music that isn’t laced with violent and re-traumatizing messages. To know me is to know that I’m an old soul who loves Motown, 70’s funk and some reggae, so these genres have been in heavy rotation for me. It’s important to be intentional about what we listen to because what we hear is what  we internalize. I suggest finding a genre you love, that’s full of affirming and positive language to dance to and enjoy your own company. Trust me, you won’t even care that you’re alone.


Skin Care:

Skincare is the best care and we all know when you look good you feel good, so spend some time maintaining what God blessed you with. If you don’t know already, your skin gives you the biggest hint to whether or not you’re healthy. It’s the body’s largest organ and that alone deserves some TLC daily and/or weekly. I usually apply my Aztec Indian Healing Clay Mask every Saturday night. The mask helps to keep my face clear of blemishes and bright. It’s a relaxing routine that restores my temple and I love it!  This is a supplement to my daily regimen of face and body cleansing and though it can be time-consuming it helps you to pay attention to your temple and thus notice any changes that may occur.

If you’re new to the skin care product life, I suggest you check out my favorite product here. The entire body can benefit from this- no lie!


Smudging is a practice that Native Americans use to clear spaces of negative energy and spirits. The bundle of white sage is effective in promoting positive moods and peace. I use this practice to cleanse my temple aka my body of negative energy and doubt that may have accumulated throughout the week. This activity has become a spiritual aspect in my self-care routine. I use the quiet time to pray and reflect, however, you can use this time however you like- just make sure you do so with some type of reverence. Smudging is truly a serene practice that I would encourage you all to try on your own, if you’re a little iffy on trying this find out more information HERE and see if this is something you can find solace in.

 I hope that by sharing my #SelfCareSaturday regimens with you all, you feel incline to start your own! Let me know what you are doing to practice self-love through self-care!




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  1. Thank you so much for your transparency in sharing that it’s ok to have “Me” time as a busy entrepreneur I have found it extremely difficult on finding those few hours to just do me, but thanks to this article Iam going to be intentional on finding that time and focusing on my “Happy” again. Prayfully I’ll be able to come back on and comment what and how I did it!

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