Faithstyle: What is it & How it Developed the Biscuits & Honey Way!

When I first started Biscuits-N-Honey, I wasn’t quite sure of its trajectory and faithystyle was surely not in the vocabulary. I just knew I needed to be obedient and write. I wrote my first post in 2014, explaining the name of the blog and its purpose of inspiring and manifesting positivity in the lives of readers. Through the years, the meaning of Biscuits-n-Honey has developed into something much more than manifesting positivity. What is clear to me now is that B-N-H is in the industry of feeding the heart and soul. A platform encouraging a faithstyle that people are consciously creating through spiritual journeys. When I reflect on why I chose the words biscuits and honey to represent my blog two things come to mind:

  1. Biscuits represent the filling substance of God’s word that God provides in the lives of many. 
  2. Honey represents the sweetness of God’s promises and presence of those who revel in a relationship with God. 

In the context of the Bible, bread and honey are used as sources of nourishment. We see it with John the Baptist who survived off of locust and honey, the 5,000 Israelite’s who were feed by 5 loaves of bread and Johnathan whose intake of honey made him stronger in the face of war. These stories all share a similarity, they all revolve around a journey: a personal journey, a peoples journey, and a warrior’s journey all of which developed their faith! Biscuits and honey is a platform for creative theology in experiencing God in the 21st century.  Whether on a personal, communal or in a state of spiritual warfare our journeys can be comforted by  Biscuits & Honey! Both the word (biscuits) and the relationship (honey) are significant aides on a spiritual journey to developing ones faithstyle.

So what’s a faithstyle?

To understand what a faithstyle is, we must first define what at its bareness faith is. Faith is the belief in an entity greater than self and the assurance of that being’s activity in one’s life. Now, to have a faithstyle, one must wrestle. The ability to wrestle with God amounts to a person building a relationship that forms their faith and shapes their understanding of God in their life. So essentially, a faithstyle is a person’s inclination to take and pull from their personal spiritual journey, religious frameworks, social environments, culture and relationship with God in order to shape who they are in regards to faith and how they live that faith out in the world. Faith is a style of living and persons should be free to develop a faith suitable to their being!


Today, my prayer is that Biscuits-n-Honey authenticates a platform where readers can uncover the essence of their faith!

It’s a journey so don’t get weary.

Now that we have an understanding of what faithstyle is I would like to know what some of your faithstyles are. Feel free to comment below or over on the B-n-H Facebook page!







  1. Lauren
    My faith style is that I have heardGod speak to me . I heard His voice deep down in my soul/spirit . When I was in my late sixties as I took a 30 minute walk with Christ following the instructions of my discipleship class at New Psalmist Baptist Church in Baltimore Maryland. God spoke to me as I waled that journey . ” See that church I want you to go and teach and preach my Gospel “. I became afraid , I wanted to end the walk ” I’am too old “, I said ” . God stayed with me Today I am an ordained Pastor . I received my AA degree in Theology at age 70 + and I deliver God’s word over social media .i My faith style is believing that God can move mountains, He will make your path strite and He will not put more on you than what you can bear. God is good and greatly to be praised. I Love you my baby . congratulations on being a servant of God. Babs

  2. I guess I would have to say my faith style is attributed to my experience. So I talk to God a lot through writing and reading uncovering different perspectives on who God is. But I’ve noticed throughout my Christian journey conversation is essential. No matter the ups or downs I will still continue to talk to God.

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