#SELFCARESaturday | 3 Ways I Practice Self-Love Through Self-Care.

practicing self-love-through-self-care


When we talk about self-care we are talking about self-love. Self-love is often communicated as  “putting yourself first”, but what does that mean? What does that look like? How do I care for myself outside of eating healthy and bathing?  As a young lady on my own journey, I have decided to be intentional on how I LOVE ME. Through countless hours of reading, spending time alone, and conversing with friends, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are many ways one can love her/his self. It boils down to 6 key factors (we’ll talk about the rest later), but today we are talking about self-care!

Self-Care is the foundation for any work that we do, and in order to sustain our minds, bodies, and souls we should engage in self-care regimens that rejuvenate us either daily, nightly, or weekly. Given the sometimes negative and draining society we live in, it’s important to put aside time to restore ourselves. In order to be the people needed for the spaces and lives, we occupy “ME TIME” is an essential part of life, yet so hard to make practical. That stops today! Recently, I’ve been doing something which I’ve coined #SelfCareSaturdays. Every Saturday I dedicate 2 hours to myself indulging in self-care activities that restore my mind, body, and soul. It has only been two months and by doing this I’ve noticed a great increase in attentiveness regarding “my happy” and how I can maintain it.


Listed below are 3 activities that have now turned into rituals for me and my hope is that by sharing my 3- YOU’LL be able to pinpoint yours and practically shower yourself in the care and love you deserve!

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2 Reasons Why Millennial Professionals Can’t Secure What They Need

Dear Millennial Professionals,

Let us pledge today to stop selling ourselves short!

I recently had two separate conversations with two friends, both millennial professionals who shared their current work frustrations. Noticing striking similarities of leaving to much on the table, I decided to share some of our millennial professional pitfalls and the lessons I learned about selling myself short. Trust me when I say, this is still a struggle for me and every day I’m being intentional about what it is I need and voicing that as I navigate being a millennial professional myself.

Millennial professionals, are passion driven and strive to be involved in work that fulfills our purpose, fuel our professional development, and sustains us financially, right? I believe that such a lifestyle is attainable, millennials just have to stop selling ourselves short by not being afraid to sit at the table, voice what we need, and decide whether or not it’s worth staying after fighting the good fight. I have listed 2 reasons I personally know has hindered millennials from flourishing professionally below, let me know if you agree or not.

2 reasons millennial professionals can’t secure what they need?

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Yo, Lauren Where You Been?

Lauren, girl, where you been?

 Yo’ Lauren where you been girl?

What’s going on with Biscuits & Honey.com?

You been writing?

Ahhhhhhh, Lauren so many questions. Questions that I’ve been avoiding. The truth is, TOO MUCH has been going on that Lauren had to put Biscuits & Honey on the back burner for a while. I will admit, this feels amazing! Posting on Biscuits and Honey again is really a breath of fresh air. I have been swamped in planning something to launch, trying to figure out how/if to continue with Biscuits and Honey- all while working and going to school full time. Whew, writing then reading that last sentence sounded like a lot, but hey I ASKED FOR THIS. Since the last post in July 2016(YIKES), I moved from Brooklyn, NY to Washington, D.C to attend Howard University School of Divinity, for a  Masters of Divinity Degree.

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The System and Your Silence: Why Are You Here?

 For the white supremacy, hidden agendas and the rest of yall too!

I have tried to be considerate of who you are and your purpose in oulbr communities, but quite frankly you are no longer welcomed. Let’s just be real here: this is very much a race ISSUE! And please do not take my words as a generalization of all police men and women- I’ll leave that to you, for that has not been the case for African Americans. All we have are facts! It’s a fact that millions of black men are missing from society due to systems of petty incarceration and police brutality; it’s a fact that justice is not awarded fairly to black victims and their families; it’s a fact that there is noticeably less mention of a innocent black life that was taken compared to the life of a gorilla. The silence is equal to being ok with the oppression of human beings who built the country so many white supremacist are trying to make “Great Again.”

It’s injustice! And your silence speaks volume!

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Communicating Your Feelings : Open Discussion!

Have you ever been in a situation where you held your tongue at the wrong time, left the situation and pondered over how it could have went differently? What you should have said and didn’t- yeah me too!

In keeping with the growing pains of my life, I currently realized that my communication style needs to kick rocks, especially when it comes to expressing my feelings at crucial times. Lets face it,  when it comes to owning our feelings we fail to convey why at that very moment. Allowing ourselves to worry over something that could have been settled in one conversation. Besides “adulting” has proven that I can’t keep handling situations in the same manner and expect to resolve anything if I can’t converse with a person effectively. 

                                    NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE! 

Communicating how we feel in tense situations eludes to being vulnerable and no one these days wants to give another person the switch to their feelings. But as you grow older and the stakes become higher you must evolve in knowing that communicating in the most critical times will save, build and restructure relationships. And when you see that you’re doing it all wrong that uncomfortable feeling, which you {WILL} experience will help you to grow. 

Ask yourself two questions:

1. What do you really want?

2.  Would you rather have it out in the open or wrecking your nerves because you let an uncomfortable conversation block you from finding peace and understanding?

Think about it men and women, what or who have you missed out on because you or both of you couldn’t communicate?

Remember this is an open discussion: LETS TALK

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