Hakuna Matata: A Reminder From God

When your mind gets to worrying and the tears won’t stop, yet a piece of jewelry and obedience brings you back to peace- yea that was me last week.

With every life disappointment, heartbreak, death, and daily happenings, we as humans have to find the time to deal with life’s curve balls in ways that will deepen our faith. We can’t allow our heavy hearts to lead us astray or get to worrying- a lesson I was reminded of just recently.

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5 Ways to Kickstart Your Prayer Routine


But HOW?

No matter what religion you identify with, God is interested in your heart and prayer is the key to exposing that. Many times I would hear people say, “but I don’t know how to pray” and I use to find myself saying, “oh, it’s easy”, but in actuality many people don’t pray because they never had to or were never taught. We’ve all seen the grace of God due to a praying grandmother/ mother/father etc, but it comes a time in a one’s life where they must learn to know God for themselves.  God hears prayers that come from a humble heart and we saw with King Josiah in 2nd Chronicles 34:27, his obedience and connection(prayer) to God spared him from destruction (literally). We can all learn something from King Josiah and is praying habits so I would like to share 5 simple ways that everyone who is convicted to connect with God can do to kickstart their relationship. 

1. Just start: 

Praying is simply talking to God. It’s you opening your heart to him and soliciting him to intervene in your life. You can start by saying, “Father God I come to you….” and go from there. Whatever is on your heart or troubling your mind just put it all out there he is listening. If you find it hard to  just start talking-open a bible and recite the Lord’s prayer (Matthew 6:9-13).

2. Be expectant:

 When we open our mouths to pray, we should do so expectantly. knowing that God is listening and God will  provide for you. Know that God is waiting for to ask and he’ll  do the rest. (John 16:24)
3. Be Authentic:

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.” (Philippians 4:6). Pray because you want and need God’s guidance, not because others are doing it and

4. Be Consistent

I’m sure we all like consistency in our lives, especially in our relationships, so just like any other relationship in your life be consistent with God. It’s a connection that transforms from a habit to a relationship and comes with great benefits. The power of prayer is a unique feeling that once you start you’re not going to want to stop. It’s real!

5. Pray out loud

God hears both a silent prayer and a spoken prayer, but when you first start your prayer routine get use to speaking to God just how you would in conversation with your friends. Use this time to get comfortable talking to God and building the relationship, so that when you don’t have the strength to form the words he’ll still be there listening to your heart, “the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express” (Romans 8:26).
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Artist Spotlight: Jean-Michel Basquiat

This Saturday I took some time to explore one of Brooklyn’s staple edifice- the Brooklyn Museum. My intent was to go see an exhibit by Kehinde Wiley, a Brooklyn residing artist and I did, however, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the museum was honoring Basquiat. A homeless graffiti artist turned world renown artist. 

Jean- Michel Basquiat was a self-taught artist who was first recognized by his graffiti in New York City.  Basquiat later used black and white marble notebooks as his canvas. The museum is currently displaying Basquiat: The Unknown Notebooks. This exhibit house many pages of the artist’s one pager quotes and the infamous Basquiat crown.

I have to admit that I wasn’t really “hipped” to Basquiat before my trip to the museum- of course I’ve heard of him but not to the extent to be a fan. But now I am. His unique approach to art is something that is rare, and not quite understandable, but its loved and appreciated by others which is wonderful! If you all would like to learn MORE or follow the art of this man you can find his documentary on Youtube

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Music Monday


To Pimp A Butterfly

Since To Pimp a Butterfly dropped last week I’ve gotten mixed reviews from a lot of people. And while it isn’t an album you’d keep in your car to bump at all times, but it’s definitely a game changer for the music industry.

To Pimp a Butterfly gives listeners a different outlook on current situations and forces you to think!  I love that the music/lyrics reflect relative topics and trigger negative emotions, yet  allows  the listener to turn them into positive ones. As Kendrick lyrically said in “Alright” (my fav song on the album, which you can peep inside) “Nigga, we gong be alright.” Do you feel me? What’s your favorite song off of TPAB?

And, if you haven’t listened to the album I highly recommend you do! You can listen on Spotify if you have an account, if not sign up! you won’t regret.

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