The System and Your Silence: Why Are You Here?

 For the white supremacy, hidden agendas and the rest of yall too!

I have tried to be considerate of who you are and your purpose in oulbr communities, but quite frankly you are no longer welcomed. Let’s just be real here: this is very much a race ISSUE! And please do not take my words as a generalization of all police men and women- I’ll leave that to you, for that has not been the case for African Americans. All we have are facts! It’s a fact that millions of black men are missing from society due to systems of petty incarceration and police brutality; it’s a fact that justice is not awarded fairly to black victims and their families; it’s a fact that there is noticeably less mention of a innocent black life that was taken compared to the life of a gorilla. The silence is equal to being ok with the oppression of human beings who built the country so many white supremacist are trying to make “Great Again.”

It’s injustice! And your silence speaks volume!

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My Apologies, and…..

What’s in store!

I know, I know it’s been a whole month and there is really no excuse I can cook up as to why I haven’t been writing. However, balancing a new love life, the day job, my birthday celebration, planning a 40 person Thanksgiving, and seminary applications- YES, I said seminary applications (whoo oooh) time for BnH got away from me. Soooo to backtrack, in my last post I told you about a stranger I met on the train who confirmed the purpose of my life and that purpose is to connect souls to Christ through innovative ministry( Biscuits-N-Honey) and community development!

There you have it, after many years of fighting my calling I’ve put the pieces to the puzzle and decided to finally take the first step of living in my purpose. And I must admit, I am nervous, yet I know that God makes no mistakes and I know this is the path I must travel. I will be turning in my applications in February and will see what the end will be.

I just wanted to share with all my readers my plans to inspire you all to find your passion for pursuing. I hope to share many memories and milestones with you on this journey so that I can serve as some encouragement for you to LISTEN and SEEK what’s yours!

I’ll keep you all updated!


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