While We Wait: A 7 Day Devotional

A 7-day Devotional for the Single Woman on Valentine’s Day

So, I wrote a devotional! I literally woke up one morning and started writing and the more I wrote the more I pumped myself up to share with my peers, friends, and audience. I’m usually private so this is a really bold step for me. I’m super excited to share and have you all go along for the journey!

While We Wait is a 7-day devotional written from my own annoyance with love. It was a healing method for me so I think the icing on the cake would to be to share it, for my own strength and my sisters who are in the world also feeling some kind of way about love. From today, February 7th until February 14th, I encourage you all to dive into this healing devotional. Let me know your thoughts and join our Biscuits-n-Honey FB group to be apart of the community. Join FB Group!

You can find the devotional While We Wait here





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In the Midst of an Evil Tragedy: What Does A Believer Say About God?

What does a believer say about God in the midst of an evil tragedy?

On the evening of Monday, October 2nd, I gathered with my classmates as I always do at 7:10 pm to engage in Systematic Theology aka “God Talk.” We had all awaken to the news earlier in the day about the tragedy that had happened in Las Vegas, NV Sunday evening. At the start of class, our professor made a simple comment that snowballed into a vast discourse as the night went on. He stated “evil is real” and indeed it is.

My professor’s inquiry left me pondering. How does believers of God whether Christian, Muslim or any other faith subscriber describe God when tragedy strikes?  As a believer myself, I had to question, what could or would I logically say about God in the face of this sudden adversity? Our faith is more comfortable to talk about when the God who is omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient is in the midst of blessings and healing, but what do we say about the presence of God when suffering falls upon innocent souls through the ways of evil?

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Faithstyle: What is it & How it Developed the Biscuits & Honey Way!

When I first started Biscuits-N-Honey, I wasn’t quite sure of its trajectory and faithystyle was surely not in the vocabulary. I just knew I needed to be obedient and write. I wrote my first post in 2014, explaining the name of the blog and its purpose of inspiring and manifesting positivity in the lives of readers. Through the years, the meaning of Biscuits-n-Honey has developed into something much more than manifesting positivity. What is clear to me now is that B-N-H is in the industry of feeding the heart and soul. A platform encouraging a faithstyle that people are consciously creating through spiritual journeys. When I reflect on why I chose the words biscuits and honey to represent my blog two things come to mind:

  1. Biscuits represent the filling substance of God’s word that God provides in the lives of many. 
  2. Honey represents the sweetness of God’s promises and presence of those who revel in a relationship with God. 

In the context of the Bible, bread and honey are used as sources of nourishment. We see it with John the Baptist who survived off of locust and honey, the 5,000 Israelite’s who were feed by 5 loaves of bread and Johnathan whose intake of honey made him stronger in the face of war. These stories all share a similarity, they all revolve around a journey: a personal journey, a peoples journey, and a warrior’s journey all of which developed their faith! Biscuits and honey is a platform for creative theology in experiencing God in the 21st century.  Whether on a personal, communal or in a state of spiritual warfare our journeys can be comforted by  Biscuits & Honey! Both the word (biscuits) and the relationship (honey) are significant aides on a spiritual journey to developing ones faithstyle.

So what’s a faithstyle?

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Honesty Hour: I Need to Restart My Self- Care Journey!

As an advocate for self-care, I must be honest with myself and my readers. I missed a step. An essential step. I missed a measure that has stained my self-care journey……….


I didn’t take the necessary steps to self-heal!

*S/o to my sisters who helped me get to this point of self-actualization. Love y’all!*


By avoiding the step to self-heal, I’ve put myself in danger of experiencing that hurt again. Therefore, before jumping into self-care regimens that bring me joy in the moment, I should have taken the time to be realistic with my emotions and figure out a way to heal, because the joyous moments fizzle when the emotional pains surface when triggered by something out of my control. Truthfully, no matter how much I smudge or how many times I play a Frankie Beverly & Maze track the pain is there marinating deeper into my mind, and my creative sensations have been repressed, it’s draining, to say the least, and it’s time to heal.

In all honesty, it has not been THE IDEAL self-care journey. While I love smudging, indulging in hours of good music and skin care it hasn’t been the most practical with the emotional trauma I’ve been carrying for a while.

 “It takes our whole adulthood to get over our childhood.”

(so I’ve heard)
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How I Truly Came to Understand the Power of Forgiveness!




All 3 lead me to understand the power of forgiveness. I was wrong. What I said was hurtful. I didn’t understand the power of my words. I was mad at myself and the lingering horrible feeling eventually led me to apologize. As a believer, I know that forgiving a person is the right thing to do, I know that God is pleased with me when I do forgive, and I know God has forgiven me plenty of times for my shortcomings, but I never understood the power of forgiveness until it was required from someone I loved in order to rebuild trust.


For many, being forgiven is an act that many believers only expect in their private conversations with God. It’s an act of surrendering- surrendering to the grace of God and the ability to keep living knowing that God is still there, but what happens when that transcending spirit isn’t always what we experience in the world? We fail to operate in the essence that God has made us.  Existing in the image of God means being able to forgive and ask for forgiveness when wrong. The two are inseparable. It took me understanding that both forgiving myself and receiving forgiveness from the other person in my situation was needed. I could not expect to live life forgiving people for various reasons without yielding in the act of asking for forgiveness myself.

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